Why You Need The "Duck & Goose Poles"

The "Duck & Goose Poles", Patent Pending, are made of hard drawn galvanized, high tensile strength, extremely rigid steel. They will not rust. The feet are injection molded from ABS plastic that does not warp, does not become brittle or does not weather. The "Duck & Goose Poles" convert almost any brand name floater decoy into a full body decoy with no alteration to the keel.​


  • This saves you money by not having to buy both styles of decoys. Excellent for beginners!


  • Saves on space by only having to store floater decoys and the "Duck Pole or Goose Pole" vs the typical big full body decoy bags.


  • Increases the size and variety of your spread by adding all your floater decoys with your full bodies.

  • Simple and easy set up & tear down.

  • Gives new life to the old "peppered" floater decoys that cant swim anymore!

  • Save money by eliminating the need of full body decoys and invest your savings in better quality floaters!