Spencer Ross

  • Born and raised in central Ohio

  • Started Hunting at the age of 10, pursuing small game, turkey, and deer.

  • Discovered my passion for waterfowl in 2014

  • I enjoy hunting the swamps and rivers of central Ohio in pursuit of puddle ducks and geese.

  • Lives in Ohio and is owner/operator of a lawn & landscape company.

Aaron Hoover

  • Lives in Nashport, Ohio

  • Has been hunting Waterfowl for 18yrs.

  • Happily married with an amazing wife and daughter.

  • Favorite style of hunt - Layout blinds for Mallards.

Heath Herron

  • Lives in New Concord, Ohio

  • Likes sunrises over quacking ducks and the smell of freshly fired shotgun shells

  • Ultimate goal in life is to retire early to have more time with the family and to hunt full time

  • Favorite hunt- Blinds on lakes and ponds during late January

Gage Hindel

  • Born and raised in Southeastern Ohio

  • Started hunting deer, turkey at age 5 with a waterfowl passion to soon follow

  • Enjoys hunting local rivers, creeks, swamps and lake but loves hitting Northern Ohio or the Ohio River in Late Season

  • Part Owner of Integrity Outdoors

Cody Stanger

  • Born and raised in Southeastern Ohio

  • Started hunting whitetails, turkeys and upland game at age 4. Addicted to waterfowl from age 10

  • Enjoys hunting lakes, rivers, creeks and swamps and will follow birds across the state to catch both seasons

  • Can't narrow down a single favorite hunt because any hunt with friends and family is a valued memory

Kyle Dunlap

  • Resides in Southeastern Ohio

  • Started waterfowl hunting when I was 7 years old

  • Spends most of the winter in pursuit of chasing waterfowl

  • Favorite type of hunting is big river and shooting mixed species

Tyler Meadors

  • 18 years old from Southern Indiana

  • My love for waterfowl has grown rapidly over the last few years and I thrive to use the best equipment

  • Being apart of BB Waterfowl makes me one step closer to being ahead of the game while using one of the best products on the market

  • Favorite Hunt- Flooded timber

Ethan Bennington

  • 26 years old, born and raised in Southeastern Ohio

  • Started hunting deer and turkey at 7 and has been duck hunting for 6 years

  • Worked as a Duck hunting guide in Kansas for the past 3.5 years

  • Favorite hunt would be smashing greenheads in a Kansas cattle pond or honkers in corn

Briar "Flippy" Meadors

  • 18 years old from Southern Indiana

  • Hopes to become an Indiana Conservation officer

  • Can't wait to get back out this season!

  • Favorite Hunt- Any

Ashton Nalley

  • Born and raised in Southeastern Ohio

  • Basically born an outdoorsman and have been hunting deer, turkey and waterfowl for 13 years

  • Often hunt lakes, small creeks and swamps

  • Love to fish, gig frogs and do anything outdoors

  • Favorite hunt is any hunt with family or friends

  • Operates Beanridge Outdoors Instagram

Dylan Shaw

  • Owner and head guide at Flatlined Outdoors in Waller Tx

  • Been hunting since I was diapers with my Father

  • Mostly hunt rice and grain fields and some cattle ponds

  • I don't have a favorite hunt but I enjoy any day spent in the field

Bryce Eimers

  • Madison SD

  • Hunts all up and down the central flyway

  • Enjoys mallards and big canadian honkers

  • Chases whitetail, antelope and elk all over the hills!


Tyler Risner

  • Lives in Northwest Ohio

  • Hunted small game and deer since he could hold a gun.

  • Quickly fell in love with waterfowl  hunting.

  • Favorite hunt is finishing smart, late season birds in the snow!

Sam Souter

  • Our youngest Prostaff member but hunts just as hard as everyone else!

  • Lives in South Dakota

  • Loves bringing a hunt together with close friends, family and of course his yellow lab!


Dalton Salas

  •  25 Years old, Lives in Salem Wisconsin

  • Waterfowl and deer are his favorite hunts

  • Can't wait to get out there and put the smack down on the birds this season!

Nathan Wilkins

  • Lives is Washington State and has 18 years of hunting experience but waterfowl is his passion

  • Manages a small lease and loves to introduce new hunters to waterfowl.

  • "The best hunts aren't about limits, it's about doing something you love with the people you enjoy!"


Adam Hatfield

  • 27 Years old, lives in Northeastern Ohio

  • Pipe welder by trade

  • Waterfowl and bowfishing are his two favorite hobbies. 

  • Member, Delta Waterfowl

Kyle Vanderwaal

  • Tacoma, WA

  • Started hunting waterfowl at age 15

  • Loves hunting mallards on public land and small ponds

  • Favorite duck is Northern Pintail

  • In school to become a pilot, soon to be a newlywed!


Chase Smith

  • Central NC

  • Hunting since he was 3 (just a wee lad)

  • Hunts hard and enjoys sharing the experience with others

  • Favorite hunts are the ones you have to work for and remember!

Logan Holtz

  • Layfayette, CO

  • 24 years of hunting experience

  • Hunts 100+ days a year for all species but loves Elk and waterfowl

  • Digital Manager for Burris Optics. On staff for Beretta, Base Map and Obession Bows

  • YouTube Channel Holtz Outdoors


Ben Holcomb

  • Booneville, MS

  • Avid outdoorsman with 16+ years hunting

  • Loves chasing Mallards, Pintails and Teal

  • Chairman of the North Mississippi Delta Waterfowl 

  • Runs Dixie Ridge Outdoors on IG

Ian Kelly

  • Born and raised in the southern most part of Ohio

  • Been hunting the hills and Ohio River bottoms for almost 20 years

  • Trains labs and running hunt tests for 7 years

  • Funds his addiction to the outdoors as a Physical Therapist assistant


Dakoda Jones

  • Born in and lives in Southwestern Ohio

  • Grew up farming, former Marine Corp Combat veteran

  • Hunts everything Ohio has to offer, but has a passion for waterfowl

  • Guide for Waterfowl Addiction Guide Service in Southern Ohio

Charlie Phillips

  • My name is Charlie Phillips and have been duck hunting since kindergarten.

  • Army Infatry veteran of 7 years.

  • I own and manage 870 duck club in Calhoun county Illinos.

  • I’m completely obsessed with duck hunting, sometimes it’s all encompassing. My wife is very supportive of this addition though, she’s known me for a long time. We have three children, two boys and a girl, all under 5 years old. 

Charles Phillips.jpeg


Young hunters who share our passion for waterfowl hunting

Lucas Craycraft

  • We first met Lucas at the Ohio Outdoor Life Field and Stream Expo last year

  • He blew us away with his calling ability and range of sounds for his age

  • Lucas is crazy about all things hunting and a remarkable kid

  • He was our first selection to the Young Gun club! 


Pro-staff positions are currently full, but to get on the list you may fill out the word document below and submit it to us via email.  Applications are reviewed in the order they were received.