The Owners

  • Co-owner, BB Waterfowl

  • 30 Years of pursuing waterfowl from big water lakes to swamps, corn fields, farm ponds and the occasional golf course.

  • Enjoy engaging others in the sport and promoting other small waterfowl related businesses

  • Former critical care transport nurse, and currently works as a Nurse Practitioner in the emergency department.

  • 13 year military career, OIF combat veteran

  • Lives in Ohio with wife of 13 years and their 3 children

Bill Brooks


Brandon Rexroad

  • Co-Owner BB Waterfowl

  • 7 years actively hunting waterfowl

  • Started hunting squirrels at age 7 and have been addicted to the outdoors ever since

  • All-time favorite hunts- Wood ducks in the swamps in Ohio and Mallards in flooded rice fields in Arkansas

  • Lives in Ohio with wife of 3 years and 1 son

Their Story

In early 2010 a special bond was made that would last a lifetime. Bill Brooks was working as a Registered Nurse in the local emergency department when he was told he would have his first orientee, Brandon Rexroad, a new grad RN who needed to be shown the ropes. The first night they worked together, they realized there was a common ground between them, hunting. Pretty soon, they were hunting partners and Bill introduced Brandon to Waterfowl hunting.


After many hours spent in the duck blind building the friendship and “solving all the worlds problems”. The ducks started moving more into the fields as "the freeze" moved in. They realized that they needed to be hunting in the fields, but all of their decoys were made for water (floaters). So they decided to build conversion stands instead of taking out a loan to buy new full body decoys. Their first few prototypes were hand bent metal rod made to hold the decoy up but they continued working to find the perfect stand.


In 2017, they opened BB Waterfowl LLC and started introducing people to the “Duck Pole”. The "Duck Pole" helps new waterfowl hunters get started in the sport for a fraction of the cost, and experienced waterfowl hunters the ability to add volume to their existing spread by converting their floater decoys into full body decoys.

Bill being an Army Veteran and Brandon being a true American they wanted to make sure all their materials and products were truly made in America and manufactured locally to support the local economy. After networking with a few local companies they fulfilled their promise and continue to make the promise that their manufactured products will always be made in America with American resources to help support the local economy.